Psytech Info & Products

Psytech are one of the world’s leading developers of psychometric tests and software for the workplace. With worldwide representation covering multiple languages, they are global leaders of psychometric assessments and solutions for the workplace. Their mission is to be recognised as the local provider of choice across the globe for psychometric solutions that demonstrates real value for businesses through intellectual rigour, professional integrity, transparency and accessibility. Psytech are committed to developing products that meet local market demands by being highly responsive to the demands of the market. They believe that for psychometric tests to be fair and valid, they have to be fully adapted to local cultures and contexts. They develop culturally adapted tests which are supported by locally collected research and localised support. Psytech strive to provide a real return on investment by offering products at realistic prices.

They aim to continually innovate and provide solutions that make psychometrics accessible and useful to clients. Psytech vision is to be a positive, state of the art, technology-based alternative to both excessively priced and unsubstantiated assessments. They believe that this will be achieved through the re-education of the market on the value of psychometrics in meeting business objectives.