Prevue (Career Mapper)

Prevue (aka Career Mapper) is unique in this grouping in that it assesses aptitudes, motivations or interests, as well as personality. For reporting purposes Prevue utilises a job matching algorithm based on occupational profiles and job benchmarks.  This means that a candidates profile can be compared to a wide range of potential positions. The benchmarking feature also makes it popular for both competitive selection where unique job benchmarks have been created. The facility is also used for career guidance to identify best fit jobs for particular profiles.

Ability Scales


General Abilities
Working with Numbers
Working with Words
Working with Shapes

Motivation / Interests

Working with People
Working with Data
Working with Things


Diplomatic – Independent 
Co-Operative – Competitive
Submissive – Assertive
Spontaneous – Conscientious
Innovative – Conventional
Reactive – Organised
Introvert – Extrovert
Self-Sufficient – Group Oriented
Reserved – Outgoing
Emotional – Stable
Restless – Posed
Excitable – Relaxed
Frank: Social Desirability