Evin Cowhey


Evin Cowhey graduated from MSc from University of Limerick in Work and Organisational Psychology

Evin’s developmental focus is on the areas of performance and motivation. Prior to and while attending UL he worked with MindMatters in a variety of roles developing skillsets in teamwork, HR administration and coaching.

Since joining Enact, Evin has been extensively involved in administering diverse psychometric test and providing clients with supportive developmental feedback. He has also proved a competent administrator on client projects, preparing project plans and delivering evaluation reports. Evin has recently completed the development of new verification materials for Test User: Ability and Test User: Personality programmes. He has tutored on a range of interviewing and career coaching programmes as well as playing a critical role in projects with organisations such as Abbvie, Alkermes, PRL Group and the NCGE.


  • Psychometric Testing (British Psychological Society 2013), Honours MSc in Work and Organisational Psychology (University of Limerick 2013)- Bachelor of Science (BA), Psychology