CEB SHL Info & Products

CEB through SHL Talent Measurement Solutions,  support organisations to achieve measurable business results from assessing, selecting, and developing the right people for the right roles. With more than 30 years of experience working with organisations, they have a unique view into what matters and what works when it comes to driving performance.

Their expertise over the decades , have allowed them to define best practices for establishing assessment programs, and developing innovative solutions to help organisations identify the best-quality hires and improve business results. CEB can enable more precise talent decisions by providing rich real-time data about talent supply and demand, and proven tools that identify the right candidates, set expectations, and improve hiring outcomes. They can also help with the fundamental shift to drive effective behaviours day to day in order for individuals to reach their full potential.

Their solutions help to enable organisations to precisely address key issues when managing the performance and development of professional, managerial and executive talent across functions and enterprise. They help organisations experience the full potential of their performance management system.  They design a strategy to better align with organisational goals, provide the tools and training to teach and motivate the team, and reinforce behaviour change.