Assessment Centre Workshop

Proving the Value of Your Assessment Centre to the Board

Available as an in house programme

In this workshop, we will help practitioners to (a) make a case for AC-related methods and how such methods can be of wider benefit to the organisation, (b) run ACs on restrictive budgets and explore approaches to streamlining ACs, and (c) investigate utility and human resource development (HRD) as a result of using AC methods.

The workshop will cover:

1.  Making the case for AC methodology

  • How are ACs different from other approaches to assessment and development?
  • Bang for buck – How can AC-related information be used to inform wider HR Practices

2.  Running ACs on tight budgets

  • Sifting prior to an AC – Using other forms of assessment to streamline attendance
  • Doing more with what we have – In-house assessors, venues, cost-effective exercises, streamlining content
  • Supplementing or augmenting AC exercises with additional measures (e.g., situational judgment tests)

3.  Showing evidence for the value of ACs

  • What have I gained from using an AC for selection? – Validity studies and utility analysis
  • Has HRD improved in my organisation? – Showing evidence for performance improvement
  • Candidate/employee perceptions post AC, effects on employee retention, towards the elimination of adverse impact

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