A&DC Info & Products

Over the past 25 years, a&dc have a proven record of success in providing talent management solutions to deliver the people and business results. a&dc pride themselves as the leaders in behaviour assessment and development. They have a simple philosophy which is, finding the right people, in the right place, at the right time, and doing the right things. One of their beliefs is that talent management begins with an understanding of human behaviour.

a&dc make a measurable difference to business performance by using behavioural assessment to recruit and select great talent into every job and developing leadership behaviours that enhance business results, and engage and motivate people to deliver the best. To do so they offer a range of ready to use and tailored bespoke products across the talent management spectrum: assessment for recruitment and selection, management and leadership development, and strategic talent management.  a&dc’s long-standing commitment to behavioural assessment has been driven by their recognition of the fact that the inclusion of behavioural assessment techniques, significantly enhances the rigour of an assessment process, over and above the traditional use of psychometric assessment methods.

They offer best in class tools such as Assessment Toolkits, Situational Judgement Tests, Competency Based Interview Guides, Assessment and Development Centre Exercises, Virtual Assessment Centres and Dynamic Group Exercises. a&dc’s expertise in behaviour means that their development design focuses on delivering lasting behavioural change through the use of simulation based learning approaches.