The 15FQ+ measures the fundamental building blocks of personality. These provide insight into how people typically think, feel and interact in ways that may be productive or counter-productive for particular roles or careers. For example 15FQ+ profiles can be used to identify people whose responses indicate a proclivity towards:

  • Bias to Action V Avoiding decisions
  • Compliance V Dominance
  • Participating V Maintaining personal distance
  • Seeking Change V Anxious re change
  • Tactful V Direct Communication Styles

The standard 15FQ+ report describe an individual’s typical interpersonal behaviour, thinking style and ways of coping with stress. Extended reports include preferred Team Roles, Leadership, Subordinate and Selling Styles, and Career Themes. Reports focussing on competencies and emotional intelligence are also available. Customised reports can be developed to focus on factors critical to your organisation. Interview prompts to further explore the match and mismatch between the individual and role requirements are also available